YCSO Offers Burglary Protection Classes

Property Crimes have been noticeably on the rise for the past two years or so.  Remote rural properties have been particularly vulnerable.  There have been a high number of burglary and theft cases, and many that go unreported.  Most of the cases that are reported involve losses of multiple thousands of dollars worth of property including trailers, vehicles, valuable metal, equipment and tools, grain, livestock, and fuel.

Sheriff Day is offering a couple of classes this month where Yuma county residents are invited to come hear and discuss some strategies that could decrease a property owner’s probability of being victimized by these kinds of crimes.

Blackwolf Emergency Prep, a local vendor, will be on hand to provide access to some products for that purpose.

The classes will be held at the election center across from the courthouse in Wray on January 25th, and at the ambulance barn in Yuma on February 1st.  Both dates will begin at 9:30 and shouldn’t go past noon.  The sessions are free of charge, and everyone is invited to come.