Basic Victim’s Rights

The Victim also has the right;

*To be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect
*To be assured in any criminal proceedings the Court, the prosecutor, and other law enforcement officials will take appropriate action to achieve a swift and fair resolution of the proceedings
*To be given appropriate employer intercession services regarding court appearances and meetings with criminal justice officials
*Upon written request by the victim , in Domestic Violence cases, to be informed of any conduct by the defendantĀ  that results in an increase in the supervision level by probation
*At the discretion of the District Attorney, the victim has the right to review all or a portion of the pre-sentence reports for the probation Department
*The victim has the right to be informed of the results of any HIV testing that is ordered and preformed
*Whenever practical, to have a safe and secure waiting area during Court proceedings
*Upon written request, to be informed when a person accused or convicted of a crime against the victim is placed in or transferred to a less secure facility or program , is permitted or conditionally transferred or released from custody, or is paroled, escapes or absconds from probation, parole, or is transferred, released, or escapes from any state mental hospital. This does not apply to temporary transfer custody.
*Upon written request, to be informed of and heard at any reconsideration of sentence, parole, or commutation of sentence.
*The victim may VERBALLY REQUEST to be informed when the defendant is released from a county jail
*To be heard on bond reductions or modifications, acceptance of a negotiated plea, and make a sentencing a modification of sentence verbally and/or in writing at sentencing
*To be informed of the process for enforcing compliance with the Victim Rights Act