Victim Information

The Yuma County Victim Assistance program is a law enforcement based program. Our Advocates are on call 24/7 and respond to all law enforcement agencies in Yuma County this includes: Wray Police Department, Yuma Police Department, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado State Patrol. We provide services to all crime victims as required by the Victim’s Rights Act.

These services include on-scene crisis intervention; help filling out victim compensation, safety plans, referrals to counseling and other resources, court room advocacy, follow up phone calls and any support needed. The Yuma County Victim Assistance program also responds to suicides, and we assist in death notifications. We treat all victims with dignity, respect and compassion, If you or someone you know is a victim of crime please call the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office at 970-332-4805.

Victim’s Advocacy Contacts

Crimes Covered by the Victim’s Rights Act

Critical Stages of Victim’s Rights

Basic Victim’s Rights

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Victim’s Responsibilities

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