Robert Crossland

Mr. Crossland reportedly travelled to Greeley on 3/17/17 then missed a meeting with his daughter in Fort Morgan later that day.  No one has seen or heard from Mr. Crossland since 9 AM on 3/17/17.  Mr. Crossland reportedly suffers from Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Mr. Crossland is driving a silver 1999 Ford F-250 bearing Colorado license plates 901DES.  It has a dent in the passenger side of the front bumper.  Possible travel areas: Yuma, Greeley, Flagler, Ft Morgan, and Ft Collins.

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"Keep up the good work for the community. It is excellent place to live in."

"Thank you, Yuma County Sheriff! Sure looks like you all have been working hard and over time protecting your citizens. You are appreciated."