Sheriff’s Duties

An important distinction that is often confused is the fact that Sheriffs operate “offices,” where the municipal police force is a “department.” There are only two Sheriff’s Departments in Colorado where the Sheriff is appointed by a city council because of home rule exceptions. The remaining 62 Counties elect Sheriffs as stewards of their constitutional offices.

The statutory duties of a Sheriff in Colorado can be found in Colorado Revised Statutes 30-10-501 through 524, and are as follows.

The duties and responsibilities of the autonomous Office of the Sheriff are set forth in Colorado Revised Statutes. These include:

  • Maintain peace and order
  • Provide general law enforcement services such as patrol and crime prevention
  • Serve criminal warrants and civil process
  • Operate a jail
  • Coordinate search and rescue efforts
  • Suppress prairie and forest fires

"Thank you for your service Yuma County Sheriff for keeping us safe we have your back."

"Keep up the good work for the community. It is excellent place to live in."

"Thank you, Yuma County Sheriff! Sure looks like you all have been working hard and over time protecting your citizens. You are appreciated."

Phone: For non-emergencies, call (970) 332-4805
310 Ash Street, Suite G
Wray, CO 80758