Sheriff’s Office 2018 Budget Proposal

On September 13, 2017 Sheriff Chad Day and Undersheriff Adam Wills presented the 2018 budget proposal to the Yuma County Board of Commissioners.  Sheriff Day believes that posting this budget for public access is an important measure of transparency.  He believes the public deserves to know what we’re requesting and why.

You will quickly recognize that the primary focus of this year’s budget presentation is personnel, as it has been in the last several budget proposals. Competitive compensation for current staff that make this agency operate in a professional and efficient way, as well as increased staffing levels to share the heavy load of responsibility is of utmost importance in comparison to every other funding request.

You can review the budget proposal along with the articulation given for the requests by clicking on the photo link below:

Deputies Utilizing New Mobile Fingerprint Technology

Sergeant James Thomson with one of the Sheriff’s Office’s new MorphoIdent Mobile Fingerprint Scanners

The days of lying about one’s identity to deputies in Yuma County are in the past.  Earlier this month the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office began implementing mobile fingerprint scanners into their repertoire of law enforcement technology.  This week, every deputy on patrol in Yuma County has been equipped with their own mobile fingerprint scanner to use day-to-day. Continue Reading »

Two Arrests Made in Relation to Stolen Cattle Located in Yuma County

  • Eric Knox Eric Knox Morgan County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo
  • Deric Knox Deric Knox Morgan County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo


Two Fort Morgan men have been arrested due to their involvement in a December, 2016 cattle theft.  Rex Hawthorne, of Wiggins, reported to the Colorado Brand Board that eight black calves had been stolen out of their pasture in Morgan County.  In February, Brand Inspector Pat McGinnis contacted Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Deputy CJ Fell informing him that they had received a tip that the stolen cattle were being kept at a property in Yuma County. Continue Reading »

Structure Fire Leads to Discovery of Large Illegal Marijuana Grow

  • Clifton Boggess Clifton Boggess Yuma County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo
  • Connie Sizemore Connie Sizemore Yuma County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo


A structure fire Saturday afternoon south of Yuma led to the discovery of a large-scale illegal marijuana grow in a residential basement.  The Yuma Fire Department and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a structure fire on June 3rd at approximately 12:40 PM near the intersection of County Roads 30 and C.  The structure fire was determined to have originated from the basement of the home where a large marijuana grow was located.  The likely cause of the fire was faulty wiring that powered the grow’s many high-powered lighting ballasts, fans and hydroponic systems. Continue Reading »