Sheriff’s Office Partnership with Viaero Wireless Increases Efficiency

Sheriff Chad Day is pleased to announce a partnership agreement that was recently struck with Viaero Wireless.  The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and Viaero are working together on a project to put web enabled tablet devices in all the patrol cars of the Sheriff’s Office.  The majority of the cost is being covered by Viaero as a true test of their data capabilities.

The combination of these types of devices with reliable data coverage in most of the areas that Yuma County Deputies are responsible for covering has not been possible before. This will allow deputies to have instant access to report writing systems, timekeeping systems, fleet management, some dispatch information, and many other systems that the Sheriff’s Office is in the process of researching and potentially implementing for the purposes of increase efficiency.

One of the other benefits of this project, is that Sheriff’s Deputies will now, not be so closely tied to the Sheriff’s Office building in Wray. A large portion of the responsibility of this industry is documentation.

“For deputies to have access to that information and the systems used to input information is a huge step in the right direction for us and for this county. I’m excited and thankful that Viaero is taking this step with us, and shown such concern and cooperation for public safety in the areas they serve. As a company, Viaero has been very easy to work with in setting this project up and covering the majority of the project costs. This will be a good test of Viaero’s systems and capabilities as well. They have a lot to gain through this partnership as we communicate its effectiveness.”

Yuma County is the test case for this kind of patrol resource in northeastern Colorado.  So far, the Deputies are impressed by their newfound freedom of movement, and operations should see an increase in efficiency and productivity as a result.  There are still plenty of tasks that keep Deputies in the courthouse, but this capability allows some of what historically had to be done in Wray to occur all around the county as Deputies are on patrol.

Program for Recovering Jail Fees a Success

In mid-February Yuma County Sheriff Chad Day initiated a new program to help recover unpaid fees from inmates after they leave the Yuma County Jail.  The program run by a company called Pay My Jailer aims to reduce the burden on taxpayers by holding those who get booked into the jail responsible for paying back those fees which would otherwise become the responsibility of the taxpayer.

Pay My Jailer assesses a fee to any accounts that are sent to them and provides the delinquent account holder with flexible payment plans and options.  The Sheriff’s Office receives 100% of the account that is owed to them and never has to make any sort of payment to Pay My Jailer for their services.

Sheriff Day is proud to announce that the program has been a great success since its implementation just a few short months ago.  The program has already recovered nearly $1,000 in unpaid fees, a large majority of which were from 2013 accounts that the Sheriff’s Office would have previously deemed un-recoverable.

According to Sheriff Day, the monetary impact this program has had may be larger than what can be measured simply by the amount of recoveries made by the Pay My Jailer program to date.  This is largely due to the fact that there is a lapse of approximately one to two months from when the account is sent to Pay My Jailer and when the Sheriff’s Office receives payment on the account.

“The unintended impact has been that since its inception, we have seen more inmates paying off their accounts within thirty days of their release.  The overall impact on the total budget may be small, but stewardship is about making appropriate choices in the small things as well as the big ones.”