Shooting and Drug Arrest/Seizure

  • Johnny Payne Johnny Payne Yuma County Jail Booking Photo
  • Joshua Dean Hansen Joshua Dean Hansen Yuma County Jail Booking Photo

Early Friday morning (10/14/16), the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a shooting victim at the Yuma District Hospital Emergency Room.  Justin Bixler, DOB 4/11/75, of Fairbury, NE, had a gunshot wound to his hand.  After several interviews and other information gathering efforts, a bolo (be on the lookout) message was entered into the state crime computer system indicating the Sheriff’s Office was looking for a black Chevy Equinox being driven by Johnny Payne, DOB 4/11/86, of Fairbury, NE. Continue Reading »

Operation: Mobile Hope


The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office and its Victim’s Assistance Program in collaboration with the Rural Communities Resource Center (RCRC) will be hosting a TAKE A STAND AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” cell phone drive dubbed “Operation: Mobile Hope” throughout October.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this is a great opportunity for our communities to show their support and make a difference for a victim of domestic violence and their families.   Continue Reading »

Operation: Purple Rain


Domestic violence is a crime that is often overlooked and misunderstood as compared to other crimes the public hears about.  Many times, domestic violence incidents only make the news when a victim has been killed or seriously injured.  Those headline grabbing incidents are only the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the total number of domestic violence crimes reported each year.

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Two Men Arrested in Kirk Area Hay Bale Thefts

  • Kyle Thomas Witzel Kyle Thomas Witzel Yuma County Jail Booking Photo
  • Leroy Elmer Sisson Leroy Elmer Sisson Yuma County Jail Booking Photo


On September 18th the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of stolen large round hay bales in the Kirk area.  A total of 4 separate victims, all from the Kirk area, reported a total loss of approximately 40 hay bales worth over $2,000.  Continue Reading »