Several Yuma County Residents Apprehended on Federal Drug and Weapons Charges

A total of eleven people were arrested this morning in the area during early morning operations that began at 6:30 AM and concluded just before noon.  Seven of the arrestees were Yuma County residents.  Today’s apprehensions amount to the culmination of an investigation that the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has been working in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for well over a year.

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Sheriff’s Office Sets Up Unwanted Medication Drop Box

You know you have them – those bottles of pills, or prescription medications that have expired or gone unused for years.  They’re in the back of your bathroom drawer, or on the top shelf of a medicine cabinet.  And you’re not alone.  Did you know the average American household has four pounds of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines?

Here’s the concern:  those prescriptions can be items that we don’t want to fall into kids’ hands, either by accident, or because someone’s looking for a way to get high.  Teens say prescription medicines are easier to get than beer, because they can access them from their friends’ and families’ medicine cabinets. Continue Reading »

Denver Post Article: Yuma County Sheriff Struggles with Massive Land Area, Too Few Deputies

Tom McGhee with The Denver Post called us saying he “heard a rumor that Yuma County was a hotbed of illegal marijuana grows and cartel activity.” Looks like his story ended up taking a bit of a different tone.

We appreciate Mr. McGhee writing a pretty accurate account of what he found way out here, but more importantly, we are grateful that he actually came out in person to visit with us and even do a ride-a-long to see for himself what Deputies are facing. That’s the best way to get your questions answered too, and we invite you to do the same.

To apply for a ride-along, fill out the application packet available HERE and return it to the Sheriff’s Office in Wray.

Dispute Leads to Shooting with AK-47

  • Martinez-Santiesteban, Otoniel Martinez-Santiesteban, Otoniel Yuma County Jail Booking Photo
  • Scheffer, John Scheffer, John Yuma County Jail Booking Photo
  • AK-47 AK-47


Late afternoon on Tuesday, February 21st, Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a 911 call at a residence in the area of County Road L and County Road 34.  The 911 caller reported that a male party, with whom there had been an ongoing inter-familial dispute, was at the residence brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle and had fired off several rounds in front of the house. Continue Reading »