Tornado Touch Down Near Wray



Yuma County Sheriff Chad Day has confirmed that several tornadoes touched down north of Wray this evening, one of them causing minor injuries to five people. There is no information yet regarding how extensive damages may be from the series of tornadoes that passed through the area, as emergency personnel are still out assessing the situation. Day is asking that residents not travel on Highway 385 north out of Wray as it is currently closed due to downed fences and livestock are loose. Continue Reading »

Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Campaign for Distracted Driving Awareness Month: “One Text or Call Could Wreck it All”


The month of April is distracted driving awareness month and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is embarking on a social media campaign to encourage attentiveness to this deadly practice.  Unfortunately, distracted driving is not a passing fad.  It has become a trend with deadly, real consequences. Continue Reading »

Ian Packer Sentenced for Crimes

Packer, Ian 2

Ian Glenn Packer (Yuma County Jail Booking Photo)

In November of last year, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release notifying citizens of their manhunt for Ian Glenn Packer.  The manhunt began after a warrant had been issued for Packer for violating a protection order.  The warrant stemmed from Packer being witnessed at the Eagle Gas Station in Yuma with a victim of a past crime in which he had been convicted earlier in the year.  This case quickly evolved into what was believed to be a possible kidnapping.  In addition to this case, Packer had 3 additional warrants with a total of 13 felony charges. Continue Reading »

Sheriff Day on the 2nd Amendment

Testimony photo

Sheriff Day providing his testimony at the state capital on Monday in support of 2nd Amendment rights

I spent all day at the state capital yesterday (March 7), testifying on behalf of County Sheriffs of Colorado in favor of five pro-gun/pro Public Safety/pro liberty bills.  All five bills, heard in the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee, were killed, as expected, on a 5 to 4 straight party-line vote.  I was aware before I even left home to go testify, that the outcome was likely, however, it is important for there to be an official record of Sheriffs support for such legislation for future consideration.  What struck me though, was that during public testimony, the basic philosophical difference between pro-gun and anti-gun camps was so evident.  Continue Reading »