Multi-Year Drug Investigation Comes to a Close


December 6, 2017–The execution of 3 search warrants this morning during early morning operations signaled the conclusion of a multi-year investigation into major narcotics trafficking activities in the region.  Three Yuma County residents have been apprehended this morning, and one more is currently being sought.  In partnership with the Colorado Springs Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Task Force, the investigation uncovered a drug trafficking organization responsible for distributing large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine, and firearms directly from Mexico via the Sinaloa Drug Cartel throughout northeast Colorado and Colorado Springs.  The investigation, and subsequent arrests, were coordinated among several law enforcement agencies in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Continue Reading »

Holiday Grinch Hunt! #YCSOGrinchHunt

The Grinch is back to his old shenanigans again. He’s on the run from the law and is hiding out in various places around Yuma County.

Follow our page and watch for upcoming #FugitiveFriday posts throughout the month of December (beginning Dec. 1) and you could win 1 of these 5 awesome Yuma County Sheriff’s Office schwag caches!

The rules are simple…
– Find the Grinch’s hiding spot each Friday and locate the winner ticket at that location (only one winner per Friday).
– Take a selfie at the hiding spot with your winner ticket and post it to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office’s timeline with the hashtag #YCSOGrinchHunt.
– Then send us a private message to redeem your schwag cache!

There will be one location for each of the communities of Yuma, Eckley, Wray, Idalia, and Kirk/Joes.

Each schwag cache includes…
(1) Concealed Weapons Permit class gift certificate
(1) YCSO t-shirt
(1) YCSO baseball cap
(1) YCSO Blender Bottle
(1) YCSO patch
(1) YCSO fidget spinner
(2) YCSO chap-stick
(1) Ammo can

Sheriff Offers Church Security Classes

Over the past week, Yuma County Sheriff Chad Day has received multiple inquiries for visits about church security ideas and input. The events at the small church in Sutherland Springs Texas is a stark reminder of the importance of even rural community churches having a plan in place for these kinds of emergencies. Continue Reading »

Residential Marijuana Grow Laws: New laws effective January 2018

October 10, 2017– This year the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 1220, imposing reasonable limits on residential marijuana cultivation with the stated purpose of eroding the black market for marijuana in the state.  The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office intends to enforce these laws, and would like Yuma County citizens to be aware of them before they go into effect in an effort to seek compliance through education before enforcement. Continue Reading »