Hiring Process


All applicants for positions with the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, except Interns, are required to go through a comprehensive hiring process.  This process is intended to assess the applicant’s suitability for a career in the law enforcement field, and to ensure that we are hiring the best possible candidates.  The hiring process will evaluate the candidate’s personality, intelligence, character, physical health, and physical fitness just to name a few.

The hiring process consists of the following stages, generally conducted in the order listed below.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive explanation of the hiring process.  The exact order and required participation of each stage may vary depending on various circumstances such as the position applied for, number of candidates in the process, etc.

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1) Online Application

The first step in beginning the hiring process is to complete the online application available on our website at http://yumacountysheriff.mytribehr.com/careers. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for the positions of Patrol Deputy, Detention Deputy, and Intern. Any other positions will only appear when a vacancy exists.

The online application is very basic, only consisting of personal contact information and an opportunity to attach a cover letter and/or resume. It is highly recommended that applicants attach both a cover letter and resume.

2) Completion of Personal History Questionnaire (Background Packet)

Upon completing the online application, candidates should promptly complete the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). This too is available from our website: Personal History Questionnaire, and is in a fillable format. The PHQ must be completed in its entirety including the Authorization to Release Information on the last page. This page must be signed by the applicant in the presence of a Notary Public. In most cases a Notary Public is available at the Sheriff’s Office when an applicant turns in their packet, however, in their absence it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure this is completed.

All supplemental documents, as requested on the first page of the PHQ are required at the time it is submitted. The PHQ must be submitted within 2 weeks of online application. Candidates who need additional time to complete their PHQ may request a waiver from the Sheriff in writing. If the PHQ is not submitted within the prescribed deadline, the applicant may be disqualified from the process. PHQ’s and their supporting documents may either be turned in in-person at the Sheriff’s Office, mailed to the Sheriff’s Office, or emailed to Officer Manager Shannon Mooney at [email protected]. Please write “ATTENTION: New Applicant PHQ” in the subject line.

3) Written Testing

Candidates will be contacted by the Office to schedule a date and time to complete the written testing. The written testing consists of the Wonderlic Applicant Assessment Test and the Wonderlic Personality Test. All applicants are required to receive a minimum score of 19 on the Wonderlic in order to proceed with the hiring process.

4) Oral Board Interview

Candidates who reach this phase of the hiring process will be scheduled to participate in an Oral Board Interview. The Oral Board Interview typically consists of a multi-person interview panel consisting of Sheriff’s Office Command Staff and usually includes at least one individual from the community who is not a member of the Sheriff’s Office.

5) Background Investigation

During this phase, candidates will undergo a comprehensive background investigation that will include but is not limited to criminal, employment, financial, and family background. References will be contacted (listed and non-listed) that often include family, friends, employers (past and present), co-workers, landlords, neighbors, etc.

6) Integrity Interview

During this phase, candidates will be questioned in further detail about their background and are given an opportunity to provide further disclosure and details about their history.

7) Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) Exam

Candidates will be subject to a CVSA truth verification exam in order to rule out the possibility of any undisclosed information during the previous phases of the process.

8) Medical/Physical Assessment

This is a multi-faceted phase. Candidates will undergo an orthopedic screening. This test includes the demonstration of basic mobility skills such as walking up and down a flight of stairs, lifting a weighted crate, dummy drag, etc. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform the basic physical functions of the job, and to ensure it is safe for them to take the physical fitness test.

Candidates will also undergo a basic physical assessment in order to evaluate the candidate’s basic physical health. Candidates will be asked to provide medical records pertaining to any injuries within the previous 5 years.  Candidates should prepare these records in advance of their medical/physical assessment, failure to provide them to the provider prior to the assessment will result in the candidate not being able to proceed.  The physical assessment will also include a routine drug screen. Marijuana is included among the substances that is tested for, presence of which may result in the candidate’s disqualification. Because marijuana continues to be a Schedule I Controlled Substance at the Federal level, the Office does not allow use of marijuana by its staff and all members of the Office participate in random drug screening on a monthly basis.

Although not currently required as part of the hiring process, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office does maintain a physical fitness standard. The physical fitness standard is a requirement for all current personnel as well as new personnel upon hire. Physical fitness testing is conducted twice per year. On the testing date each member has the choice of completing one of two assessments. The first option is the standard Cooper Test. Click the link for more information on the Cooper Test requirements: Cooper Standards. The second option is the Sheriff’s Office in-house assessment which consists of 1 lap (1/4 mile) around a track with a change of direction at each corner, 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 20 burpees. 3 pull-ups can substitute for any one exercise (set of 30). The goal for completion of the test is under 5 minutes. Members who do not meet the standard are asked to improve upon their performance at the next assessment.

9) Psychological Evaluation

All candidates for Patrol Deputy and Jail Deputy are required to submit to a Psychological Evaluation. Psychological testing is required by Colorado POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) under state law for all individuals who are POST certified and wish to be employed by a law enforcement agency while utilizing their certification.