Current Releases

Archuleta Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

In February of this year the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office brought Francisco Villa Archuleta back to Yuma County in response to a warrant for his arrest on multiple felony charges.  The original case, filed by the Yuma Police Department in May of 2015, involved the alleged sexual assault of a young boy.

Cobos Charged in 2009 Sexual Assault on a Child

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a case that was referred to them by the Gering, Nebraska Police Department.  In September, 2013 the Gering Police Department began investigating Richard Cobos on an allegation of Sexual Assault on a Child.  Cobos was later found guilty on some of the charges stemming from that investigation […]

Tornado Touch Down Near Wray

  Yuma County Sheriff Chad Day has confirmed that several tornadoes touched down north of Wray this evening, one of them causing minor injuries to five people. There is no information yet regarding how extensive damages may be from the series of tornadoes that passed through the area, as emergency personnel are still out assessing […]

Ian Packer Sentenced for Crimes

In November of last year, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release notifying citizens of their manhunt for Ian Glenn Packer.  The manhunt began after a warrant had been issued for Packer for violating a protection order.  The warrant stemmed from Packer being witnessed at the Eagle Gas Station in Yuma with a […]