Press Releases

Avalos-Moreno Elevated to #1 Most Wanted

Pedro Avalos-Moreno has been wanted by the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office since June 21st of this year.  Avalos-Moreno now has 6 outstanding felony warrants with nationwide extradition involving the following charges:  Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance (x2), Introduction of Contraband into a Secure Facility, Violation of Bail Bond Conditions (x4), Violation of a […]

Archuleta Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

In February of this year the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office brought Francisco Villa Archuleta back to Yuma County in response to a warrant for his arrest on multiple felony charges.  The original case, filed by the Yuma Police Department in May of 2015, involved the alleged sexual assault of a young boy.

Cobos Charged in 2009 Sexual Assault on a Child

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a case that was referred to them by the Gering, Nebraska Police Department.  In September, 2013 the Gering Police Department began investigating Richard Cobos on an allegation of Sexual Assault on a Child.  Cobos was later found guilty on some of the charges stemming from that investigation […]

Storm/Tornado Damage North of Yuma

At 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office activated Incident Command in response to a reported weather incident occurring north of Yuma, Colorado at approximately County Road 44 to County Road 48, along Highway 59.