YCSO Offers Burglary Protection Classes

Property Crimes have been noticeably on the rise for the past two years or so.  Remote rural properties have been particularly vulnerable.  There have been a high number of burglary and theft cases, and many that go unreported.  Most of the cases that are reported involve losses of multiple thousands of dollars worth of property including trailers, vehicles, valuable metal, equipment and tools, grain, livestock, and fuel.

Sheriff Day is offering a couple of classes this month where Yuma county residents are invited to come hear and discuss some strategies that could decrease a property owner’s probability of being victimized by these kinds of crimes.

Blackwolf Emergency Prep, a local vendor, will be on hand to provide access to some products for that purpose.

The classes will be held at the election center across from the courthouse in Wray on January 25th, and at the ambulance barn in Yuma on February 1st.  Both dates will begin at 9:30 and shouldn’t go past noon.  The sessions are free of charge, and everyone is invited to come.

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Deputy Vacancies

Deputy Vacancies

The Yuma County Sheriff’s office currently has openings in both the patrol division and the jail/detention division. These positions will remain open until filled. Qualified applicants will be placed on an eligibility list for any possible future vacancies. Those applying for the patrol division should already be Colorado POST certified or be able to challenge the Colorado POST certification.

Anyone interested in these positions should pick up an application (Personal History Statement) at the Sheriff’s office in Wray in the basement of the courthouse, download the application from yumacountysheriff.net, or call 970-332-4806 and ask for an application to be mailed.

The compensation range for each position based on qualifications and experience are as follows:

Patrol division $2,665 to $3,270

Detention division $2,415 to $3,120

Click here for an application. Personal History Statement


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Sheriff’s Office gets 4X4


Sheriff’s Office gets 4X4

You may have noticed in the past couple of weeks some new Sheriff’s office patrol vehicles.  The Sheriff’s office has finally been able to replace 2 of the Dodge Charger patrol cars with a good looking special service package Dodge Ram 1/2 pickup.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s office has never had patrol four-wheel-drive capability, which is very uncommon in today’s law enforcement.  In fact, before these vehicles made their way into the fleet, the Yuma County Sheriff’s office and the Pueblo Police Department were the only law enforcement agencies in the entire state that didn’t have at least one four-wheel-drive vehicle in their patrol fleet, while a good portion of Sheriff’s offices have moved to nothing but four-wheel-drive vehicles.  Sheriff Day’s intention is to, hopefully sooner than later end up with at least half of the patrol fleet possessing four-wheel-drive capability.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this change.  Certainly some speed is given up in a transition from a high performance sedan to a full size pickup, but the four-wheel-drive capability and the heavier built nature of a pickup are certainly factors that fit in well to the rural setting of Yuma County.

“While it’s difficult to intentionally give up some top-end speed by moving to patrol pickups, we must factor in the probability of incidence where four-wheel-drive capability is needed for emergency response in Yuma County compared to the probability of incidence of speed being useful or even necessary when making a decision about what vehicles are most prudent in a law enforcement fleet.”

One of the unintended benefits of presenting these vehicles to the Yuma County commissioners earlier this year was that they were among the most inexpensive patrol vehicles offered through the state bid process.  In fact, this year, these Dodge Ram pickups were a full $6000 cheaper than the new Dodge Chargers would have been.

“We are excited and relieved to finally be able to have this four-wheel-drive capability on patrol now.  It has been quite an effort to get them added to patrol, and I’m hopeful that they hold up to the rigors of patrol needs in rural Yuma County better than the sedans have.”

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