Boggess and Sizemore Convicted for 2017 Marijuana Grow

  • Clifton Boggess Clifton Boggess Yuma County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo
  • Connie Sizemore Connie Sizemore Yuma County Sheriff's Office Booking Photo


May 7, 2018 – Clifton Boggess (55) and Connie Sizemore (48) have both been convicted in Yuma County District Court for their involvement in the 2017 case where the Sheriff’s Office dismantled a marijuana grow at their residence south of Yuma.  The grow contained over 1,700 plants and 2 pounds of finished marijuana product.  Faulty wiring that powered the grow’s high-powered lighting ballasts, fans and hydroponic systems led to a structure fire at the residence last June. Continue Reading »

Sheriff’s Office Has New Tool For Safely Ending Pursuits

April 26, 2018 – Running from the law in Yuma County just got a little bit harder this week thanks to a new device called the Grappler.  The Grappler, manufactured by Stock Enterprises of Peoria, Arizona, is a pursuit intervention device that stops a vehicle actively fleeing from deputies through the deployment of a capturing device mounted on the front of the patrol vehicle.  The device looks like a standard ranch-style grill guard (replacing the grill guards that are already added to a patrol vehicle upfit), but unfolds electronically to present a net that captures the rear wheel of the fleeing vehicle, locking up the rear axle and thereby disabling it. Continue Reading »

Deputies Arrest Violent Subject

Scott Brunswig – Yuma County Jail Booking Photo

April 23, 2018 – At approximately 8:45 this morning, Deputy Baldwin encountered a male acting suspiciously in front of the Wray High School.  The male, identified as 50-year old Scott Brunswig of Wray, was flailing his arms and yelling.  Deputy Baldwin contacted Brunswig in order to see if there was some sort of problem.  Upon contact, Brunswig suddenly attempted to strike Deputy Baldwin in the face with a closed fist and took off running towards the school.  Deputy Baldwin immediately radioed to the WY Communications Center to have the school put on lock-down. Continue Reading »

#FakeNews Comes to Yuma County

April 17, 2018 – For those of you curious about the recently published article from a Michael Bloomberg owned media outlet claiming that the Yuma County Sheriff is essentially selling HR218 LEOSA status (the ability to carry concealed as a peace officer anywhere in the country), here’s an explanation about how this came about and some answers to the most basic questions that reveal the truth.  The following is a personal message Sheriff Day sent his own staff to address any question they have or may be faced with in their own community interactions. Continue Reading »